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Afternoon Watch

The Asturian coast contains an incredibly large amount of different coastline formations, from shores to cliffs; some of them well-known yet others still unspoiled. As hard times loom and we must settle for staying home, my mind persists in exploring those northern corners, eagerly awaiting the day I am back.

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Rubén Vela Martín's picture

Qué maravilla!

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Muchas gracias Rubén!

Sergio Saavedra's picture

Preciosa gama de colores. Bayas nunca defrauda!

Nusan Photography's picture

Nunca, nunca... Ganas locas de volver! Muchas gracias Sergio :)

Jacin Fernández's picture

Muy buenos los colores y esas lineas de lectura

Nusan Photography's picture

Me alegro de que te guste Jacin, mil gracias!

Deleted Account's picture

Preciosa!! Vaya color

Nusan Photography's picture

Muchísimas gracias Juanma! :)

Luis Martínez's picture

Precioso contraste de fríos y cálidos, preciosa.

Nusan Photography's picture

Mil gracias compi! :)

Ignacio Municio's picture

Que maravilla de imagen, y esa luz,,,,,,

Nusan Photography's picture

Muchas gracias!! Me alegro de que te guste