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Harmonious Complexity

Image taken in Patagonia Torres del Paine National Park with Mount Los Cuernos in the background. This national park was filled with beautiful remains of trees that were burnt from a massive forrest fire many years back. This place was the ultimate playground for photographers. I noticed this one tree with its branches reaching out and forming a natural frame around Mount Los Cuernos. The tree's complexity is harmonious to its environment.

Nikon D850
f/11 · 1/5 s · ISO 64
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jabi sanz's picture

Stunning capture man

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Thank you, appreciate it!

Hanaa Turkistani's picture

magnificent comp and mood manuel

Manuel Estacio's picture

Thanks a lot!

Mauro Caviezel's picture

Great image, Manuel...that treee is awesome

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Thank you! I love this tree.

Kostadin Bay's picture

Wow ! Great conposition and color!

Manuel Estacio's picture

Thank you!

Alvaro and Jose Manuel Perez's picture

Incredible view Manuel. Love it!! We were supposed to be there right now! :(

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Thank you! That's too bad about your trip. We were supposed to be in Dolomites this year too, would have been my first time :(
But we're planning on going back to Patagonia next year and will be staying longer.

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Thank you Fstoppers for choosing my image for Photo of the Day!!! Such an honour :)

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Outstanding portfolio! Keep it up

Manuel Estacio's picture

Thank you Hector!

Gregory DeVos's picture

I really love the composition! Could you explain why you left the bright, colorful clouds in the top right? It feels like they draw the attention away from the mountain and rest of the image. I'm trying to learn so any insight would be appreciated

Manuel Estacio's picture

Thanks Gregory! Not sure what you mean by 'left'. The sun rose at the far right, so the scene only caught a portion of the clouds that lit up. Ideally I would've loved for the whole sky to be on 'fire'. But it's just not possible with this composition. Thanks again!

Saddam Hussain's picture

Great image ,comp is too good

Manuel Estacio's picture

Thank you!

Gregory Thanos's picture

great composition!

Manuel Estacio's picture

Thank you!

Paolo Montanari's picture

Oooohhh wwwoooww !!

joemalone's picture

Love this shot Manuel. I'd be very happy to have this one in my Portfolio!