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Heavenly View 3

I think I finally finished this pic!

24mm · f/16.0 · 30s · ISO 2500
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Wow man. Simply stellar!

Thanks Phil!!

The fake milky-way really throws me off.

That’s not fake man! I shot the frame at 24mm so the MW looks a bit larger than many people are used to seeing it. I Used starry landscape stacker to reduce noise and shot this on the z7 which performs amazingly for astro. The reflected light from the snow allowed me to shoot entirely at night. There is nothing fake about this shot at all, besides composting frames to reduce noise and blend the car trails.

Alright, thanks! Then i'm takin back whatI said and apologise for it. I also re-rated the image based on the technical challenges you went through to create it. As one feedback though, I would consider it more realistic if either the foreground was lightened a bit more or the milky way sky was toned down a bit more. It will give a more realistic result.

Cool shot John. I like how you used only oe light trail. The 'less is often more' rule works well here. Nice!

Thank you! I really appreciate the kind words!

Beautiful shot. Would make for an excellent Christmas card. Ignore the DAs that always has a suggestion on how an image "could be better". Let them take one to show.

Haha, thank you!! I really appreciate it, wish there were more people like you on here!

Did you take 2 exposures, 1 for the sky and 1 for the car trails? Amazing image. Congrats.

Thank you! I used 5 shots for the sky and stacked them in Starry Landscape Stacker to reduce noise. I used the separate exposures for the car trails. Thanks!

awesome capture bro!
Very well done!!!

Thanks Man! I really appreciate it!

you're welcome.
Awesome portfolio btw ( checking it out as we speak )

I’ve been trying to improve over the past couple years! Thanks a bunch!

you have :)
keep up the good work!

Amazing! Well done!

Thanks dude!

I have been wanting to get this shot for couple of years since I saw Mark Stewart's one. Nice picture, dude!

Thanks man! It’s a great location, I will try and improve it next year!