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Study in charcoal

A multi-layered impressionistic view of Maple tree, with lake and mountains painting the background.

A close-up view of the tree yields an ethereal, almost charcoal-like quality to the tree

32mm · f/4.5 · 1/320s · ISO 100
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Chris Jablonski's picture

Really like this one, Alan! As others have observed, your work in this arena has evolved. I really like your tree trunks in blowing snow already.

One of the appealing aspects here is a softness, without the jittery, stuttering effect the technique can produce, at odds to my eye with the natural landscape. (It could certainly have a useful rĂ´le in some other situations.) Your subdued colours add to an appealing aura of understatement. Who doesn't love glowing autumn foliage? But as with waterfalls and sunsets, it can all be too much.

You make it look easy. Far from it, I"m sure.

Alan Brown's picture

Hey Chris, I really appreciate your generous comments. From my early days of experimenting with this technique I do feel I have evolved as you say, but know that you and others in the Experimental group have played your own part in this
I feel you have traveled this journey with me, your constructive feedback helping guide my progress.

Thanks to you and our other friends for the support and extra nudges we all need from time to time in order to improve our craft.

Julian Ray's picture

It's so fun to watch your explorations Alan.
Each time your craft a new image its a new chapter in your journey, not only in technique but in your confidence in your sense of composition.
This image, with its subtle tonality, gorgeous pallet, and dynamics is very strong but what makes it outstanding is the strength of its composition.
I'm sure Michael Kenna is checking out your work to get some ideas.
As Chris says... you do make it look easy.