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Flaming Fall

Resplendent in its Fall foliage this tree illuminates and otherwise drab neighborhood.

Built from a series of layered images, selectively blended and masked to produce the desired result

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Matthew Lacy's picture

I absolutely love this photo. The only thing keeping it from a 5-star rating is the crop. It seems like the very tippy top of the tree is cut out. It's still amazing.

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Thanks Matthew, I appreciate your generous comment.

Matthew Lacy's picture

I think even Chris would agree a tripod isn't needed here.

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That might be a bot of a stretch Matthew, but I'm working on him ;-)

Bruce Pryde's picture

great work

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Bruce, greatly appreciated.

Deleted Account's picture

Lovely; lovely, lovely. Pep Ventosa meets Monet.IMVHO.

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Thanks Tony, I feel very humbled by your kind words.

Zandra Gonzalez's picture

The beautiful orange with it’s brilliantly tree, is what caught me attention. Beautiful

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Zandra!