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A series of 12 images selectively blended to produce an impressionistic view of a lake scene

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Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Alan. A beautiful frame as always.
Is this being dodged and burned for local area in PP?

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Vijay. This is a reworked image, but with very little dodging or burning applied (if any).

Chris Rosebrough's picture

The results of this blending technique are stunning and dreamlike.

Alan Brown's picture

Thank you for your kind and generous words Chris.

Julian Ray's picture

Another great example of your keen eye Alan.
It's intriguing that the asymmetry of the shadow adds a certain very subtle tension that is not normally part of your compositional style.
Great work!

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Julian. I can't say the asymmetrical shadow was planned, but will gladly accept the recognition (must have been my sub-conscious....)

Ruth Carll's picture

This is a favorite!!! REALLY nicely done Alan.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Ruth, I always appreciate your kind and generous comments.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Congratulations, Alan! You've done it again with one of your ICM/multiple exposure blend tree images. You're obviously on to something that appeals to many people, and getting more recognition as you refine your technique. Well done!

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Chris, it's with the guidance of others (including yourself) that I am able to reach others.
The community support is very humbling, and always appreciated.

Sandra McCabe's picture

Congratulations Alan !!!! This is really quite exquisite 🙂

Alan Brown's picture

Aw...Shucks, thanks Sandra. Now I'm blushing :-)

Tony Hetherington's picture

Well done Alan 👏👏😁😁

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Tony!

chris bryant's picture

It was well worth the effort. Love the simplicity, the colour palette and the “feel”.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Chris, I appreciate your comment

Troy Straub's picture

Beautifully done Alan. Congrats on the pick!

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Troy!

Matthew Lacy's picture

Congratulations Alan!

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Matthew!

Jens Sieckmann's picture

Great idea and result.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Jens, I appreciate your feedback.

Ruth Carll's picture

This is number 2 isn't it?! Well deserved Alan!

Alan Brown's picture

Close enough, but who's counting ;-)

tim Matthews's picture

Very nice Alan, do we need to give this technique a name - Brownian motion perhaps?

Alan Brown's picture

Ha - too funny Tim. This is basically a modified version of a technique developed by Pep Ventosa.

Ruth Carll's picture

That's oddly appropriate! Do we have another scientist among us?

Chris Jablonski's picture

Touché! Very clever, Tim. ;-)

Richie Tyndall's picture

very nice!

Corinne Anderson's picture

Such a beautiful image of the tree.

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