Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque by Aditya Anant Sawant
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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

April 20, 2020

It's a pretty known and crowded place to photograph. I had dedicated my whole evening for this single shot. Had been there pretty early so that I can get the right spot for my comp. I have even posted a vertical one after the sunset/during the blue hour including the lights and included quite complex steps of combining exposure. Comparatively, this shot is pretty simple and straight I.e., looking towards the grand mosque with the sun setting. Only thing which I had to consider is the bright sun, I had to bracket 5 images to get the core of the sun and avoid the highlights from blowing. Whenever I am at such location, I always make sure to shoot a vertical and a horizontal comp whenever I am shooting such locations, that way I have a freedom of both the perspectives while sorting. I had clamped the @Fujifilm Xt1 using a @reallyrightstuff clamp to the tripod making the setup packed and easy to handle.
The post processing of this image was quite simple, involved some image blending exposures using luminosity masks, clean up, color correction, transformation and sharpening.
Hope y'all like it...!! .#nisiindiamonthlycontest3
Nikon D810.
Aperture Priority
5 brackets Blended for highlights

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