Panoramic View of the Incredible City by Aditya Anant Sawant
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Panoramic View of the Incredible City

April 20, 2020

The photo was taken in April 2019, when I had been to Dubai for a photography expedition. I had stitched the image long ago however processed the image yesterday. I didn't hurry to process this image as this image is very special to me and wanted to take enough time processing it. Since it's a Corona Virus lockdown now, I thought this is the best time to dig my old files and get back on it.
The Image was inspired from @Elia's work (Fog Pano) and I wish to visit this place again to capture the city with the fog. This image was shot using a RRS Pano Gimbal Head. I have used 3 different images for the lights sky and the city. I hope y'all like it...!!!

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