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Something that has always fascinated me is the milkyway. It shows me every time I shoot our stars how small we humans are. Because of the high light pollution on our planet you have to look for locations where you can take pictures of the milkyway without light pollution. In Zurich, you can probably already imagine, it is definitely not possible to see the milkyway. Nevertheless, as a photographer and artist I dreamed of this photo. So I took a part of a milkyway panorama photo which I already had and never really published and made a composite with the foreground of one of my favorite photos from Zurich. I call this artwork "Invisible Reality", because if it wasn't for the light pollution in the cities we would see such a picture more often. I hope this picture will also make you dream when you hang it on your wall at home and look at it.

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I absolutely love the mood of this image!

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Thank you very much!

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Great work

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Thanks a lot Bruce!