Commemoration, a ten year wait by Benjamin Youd
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Commemoration, a ten year wait

My neighbour was keen to commemorate the fennel plant in her garden, which had come into bloom for the first time in 10 years.

We arranged a portrait shoot during social lockdown, so made sure to adhere to social distancing guidelines. The main challenge was dancing around each other as we moved from one location to the next, ensuring that we were always at least 2 meters apart.

The days leading to this shoot had been particularly sunny, and I'd been observing the light falling on her garden, and the best time to make use of it. The evening light was soft, golden, and beautifully highlighted certain areas of her garden, so that's when we decided on.

I kept the shoot really informal, chatting a lot throughout to capture my neighbour's natural personality. She's passionate about nature and the environment, but doesn't take herself too seriously. These qualities were important for me to translate in the images we shot.

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