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Vegan dancer

A lot of my work is focused on creating still moments from movement. This image forms part of an ongoing project looking at the physical abilities of vegan athletes.

Each subject was photographed in their own training environment, with gentle suggestions for direction but otherwise let to perform in their own space and time. To still this particular part of a dance performance, I had to use a high shutter speed. The entire location was white, and there were huge studio doors open to the side, so there was tons of ambient light being bounced around. This meant I could afford to use a fast shutter speed where I wanted to still the action, without having to increase the ISO too much.

I particularly loved this image, which is really representative of the dance I captured, because of the fact that the subject's face is obscured. The shapes he's creating with his arms are really dynamic, and not seeing his facial expressions makes the viewer question the image in more detail.

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