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Winter Aldeyjarfoss

About two years ago I visited this waterfall during the summer, which did not call my attention especially, but after seeing a photo in winter conditions it took me to this last November was one of my objectives of the trip, the waterfall of Aldeyjarfoss.
Located in the north of the island, its access in winter is a bit complicated; Due to the large amount of snow accumulated on the track that took us to it we had to leave the car and continue the walk on foot for about 3km, but that was well worth it.
We did not have a great sunset with those beautiful colors that all the landscape photographers are looking for, on the contrary, the sky turned gray and without textures, but I did not want more, I was content to see that blue in the water surrounded by the white of the snow, It was just what I was looking for.

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Lovely, I think its even better without sunset colors to be honest. Gives it a more ominous and timeless looks, adding to the mood.

Was the pool at the bottom frozen? The exposure gives an effect that water is hitting the surface of ice and spreading out over the edges, but I imagine that in reality its just mist from the water splashing against the pool. Did you use an ND filter? I was wondering how long of an exposure this would be in that case.

Espectacular Hugo

espectacular tronco!

great work!