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Breakfast 1

Phase One IQ160
120mm · f/8.0 · 1/80s · ISO 100
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woooooooow. that looks waaay too delicious.

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Thank you Scoops!

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How did you get such amazing lighting? It looks incredible

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Thank you Yusuf! I use Speedotron gear for lights (workhorses and they are inexpensive) and had a 2400 pack and head that was gelled with CTO to act as the "sun" that is behind and to the left of the sandwich a little bit. There was also a grided head up high, behind and to the right of the sandwich to give some nice specularity to the top of the hash brown sandwich top. Then there was another grided head camera right and behind the sandwich a little bit to give specularity to the right edge of the sandwich. And finally, there was a small softbox camera left to fill in the "front" of the sandwich. So in total, there were 4 lights - (there might have been 5-I'm going to look through my iphone and see if I can send you a BTS shot that shows everything). I love talking shop! Thanks again for your kind words!!

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Thanks you guys - really appreciate such kind words!!!

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btw. is that good? i will try something like this for breakfast. :D

Ryan Hill's picture

Yes, absolutely delicious ;-)

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Thanks so much reza!!!

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Superbe cook + Superb photographer

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Thank you soooo much Pascal!!! :-)

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Ryan: stop teasing hungry people at 11: p.m. Just kidding, lol. Great shot!

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I love the comment Charles! Thank you so much for kind words!!!!