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On a small island in the middle of a reservoir in south India, thousands of river terns gather each summer to breed. Competition for mates is intense and single males regularly try to break up courting couples. Here a male tries to interrupt a mating pair.

Canon-1D Mark IV
400mm · f/8.0 · 1/5000s · ISO 800
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It is amazing just how vivid and bright the color of their feet is!

Do the feet only turn that super-vivid color during mating season, or are they like that all year long?

Their bills are also uncommonly vivid. I also wonder - is just a breeding season thing, or a year-around thing?

During the non breeding season, the beak will be duller tipped with black, the head will be a dull grey instead of black. I think the feet will also be less vivid, not sure.


Lucky ! Sweet shot.

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