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Lesion | Kalapana Lava Fields, Hawaii

Lesion | Hawaii

One of the wildest moments of my life, yet it seemed so simple and effortless. I stood on this crack for forty minutes watching lava flow beneath this crack and ooze out of the side of this puckering in the landscape. My legs spread more than 3' I could feel the heat rising, but was cooked by frequent rain storms. I was waiting for the sun to set and didn't want to lose site of this feature as the colors mixed.

The Process:

This image is a 4 shot HDR captured with Canon 5DII and 17-40L at f/16. HDR processed with HDReffex pro 2. I used Kalapana Cultural Tours as guide for the day trip. That night we had one of the most massive lava flows that the tour company had ever scene. More pictures to come soon.

Canon 5D Mark II
25mm · f/22.0 · 1/2s · ISO 100
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that is a very dynamic leading line! nice work.

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epic shot, epic location - I'm living through you right now. I'd be freaking out if I was there with my wide zoom and a tripod!

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freaking out is half the fun!

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Very impressive

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Spectacular photo! Absolutely glorious to look at. Well done

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Love the mood man. Creates a feeling for sure!

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Thanks Parish

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wow this is insanely fab!!!