Her by Jason Matias
June 1, 2016

Her | A Water Dreamscape From Seattle, WA

Is mother nature a tangible force? When I really connect with my environment I sometimes feel that she is tangible. The way she connects with me on those rare occasions is not physical. Her touch doesn’t come as a clear thought either. I would hesitate to claim the connection to be emotional. Its a little like a warm breeze on a cool day. Too brief to catch, you recognize it once its past. Its a little like the silence between claps; there’s a rhythm to it but if you chase it collapses.
I found her riding illuminated waves one night in Seattle. The ripples of water in front of the ferris wheel became the most intriguing thing in the world to me that night. My camera was not discovering what I found so curious on the surface. Exposure after exposure uncovered nothing but patternless illuminated water. In a moment of clear creativity I set my camera to an eight second exposures and dragged lens with the current and the figure emerged riding the waves. No, a figured emerging being a wave. It was Her.

This photo is an 8 second double camera motion long exposure of water lit by Seattle's Ferris Wheel.

Canon 5DII
24 · f/7.1 · 8 · ISO 100
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