Reviving Twilight | Seattle by Jason Matias
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Reviving Twilight | Seattle

August 12, 2015

Reviving Twilight | Seattle is a part of an urban night sky art installation idea I thought of in late 2014. Inspired by the article "The Death of Twilight" (Nat Geo or Time) I read years ago, the work of Thierry Cohen, & a dream I had of the Milky Way painted in glow paint on the face of a bluff. I want to share what we are losing, lumen by lumen, as we urbanize. The goal is to place art installations in urban areas that show the night sky from that exact location as if the city went dark.
Read more about the project here:

Canon 5DII and Sony A7
24 · f/112.8 · mult · ISO 100 and 3200
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Bill Peppas's picture

I like the composition a lot Jason.
The city I believe is lit just about perfectly right, not in the very dark, yet bright enough to make its presence visualized.
The vertical milky way complements the towers of the Seattle skyline well.

The only thing that can work from some more thorough work as I see it is the sky.
Some work is needed on the milky way processing and the "city" glow in the background, needs to get a bit more feathered ( Gaussian blur method will work nicely ).

Well done!

Jason Matias's picture

Thank you for your feedback, Bill. I'm not sure I understand it all though. There is no city glow, all the lights are off. The haze is natural on the horizon as it would be from moisture in the air through the distance. Is that what you mean?

I felt that a more subdued milky way gave the photo more presence than a highly processed on would have, though, it would/could be more popping and trendy if I dazzled it up. I'll consider that for future images. Thanks


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This is AWESOME.... so the Seattle photo was a power outage?