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“Sanctuary” Here is a pretty simple vertical pano I shot a few weeks back in Southern Washington state. The smoke that was blanketing much of the Pacific Northwest actually made for great photo opportunities I found out during this weekend. Anyways, Here is the back story to this photo.. With much of the Oregon waterfalls world engulfed in flames I decided to head up into the forest that started it all for me which is the Gifford Pinchot National Forest for some possibilities of fresher air & a escape for the heartbreak of the 3 huge fires burning through so much of Oregons forests & off trail waterfalls world. The roughly 4 hours I spent hanging out at this wonderful waterfall really did me right and also gave me a break from the smoke as I discovered that down at waterfalls the smoke wasn’t a huge deal and the air was rather fresh I must say.

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Beautiful picture! Great work!