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Eurasian Nuthatch

Out looking for birds in the backyard is always good fun, and shooting them with my camera
is even funnier.
Have put up some branches , like the one in the picture, around in the garden close to the feeding area in hopes of getting some beautiful birds posing on them while i hang on to the shutter button. The birds are actually really quick, and for my part the bird is often gone before i see it in the viewfinder or getting the bird in focus.

For the bird food, i mostly use Sunflower Seed and Peanuts, both a favorite treat for a variety of birds.
The Eurasian Nuthatch really love the peanuts.

Finally after many days of trying to make a few ok photographs of the bird i was able to make some good ones, and i am really happy with the result.

What do you guys think? Any tips to make it better?

The Nuthatch is actually the only bird in Norway that is able to walk down trees, head first :)

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