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Moments of Cappadocia

Finding such compositions in Cappadocia isn`t actually hard as the valleys surrounding Goreme are abundent in this kind of views.
But witnessing such sunsets is quite rare. I think it was the most epic sunset I`ve had so far this year.

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I like the composition, but feel the shot has an over processed feel. The sky feels dropped in. Not saying it is, but the processing gives it that feel. I'm curious if others feel the same.

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Thanks so much for the feedback! It may look unbalanced because of the GND filters. The sky was so intense that the only way to obtain those colors as close as possible seemed to expose for it and of course, underexpose quite a lot the rest of the image.

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Another example from the planet with two suns.

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Yes, I'll never look at a dramatic sky the same again!

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Well, never say never...

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what a wonderful composition and image wow love it

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Thank you, Jabi! 🙏

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