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Just a year ago we were enjoying winter in Iceland; snowy landscapes, extreme cold and northern lights (not as many as we would have liked). Now, now, the situation is not very well defined for those photographers, like me, who spend their time in airport lounges, that once in the destination the hours of sleep are an unattainable luxury, where eating is counted as an extra that we leave for when there is time left, for those who like me cannot stop not just a minute at home, but also in the country of origin, these times are being very hard. I suppose that every day that passes there is less, either for a remedy to this problem in which a bunch of inept people have put us or for the mass extinction of this society full of idiots ......
I'm left with the extinction of the idiots, maybe the first will be me.

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Impecable Hugo, como todo tu trabajo, enhorabuena.

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Beautiful shot Hugo. I have been to Iceland a few times, but didn't make it to that waterfall yet. I am thinking to go to Iceland for Christmas again (did so last year). Even the 4 hours of daylight are worth to shoot, in snow, rain and gale force wind! Not sure I will have any brain left after all the tests though :D