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My favorite wave from our trip to the coast!

300mm · f/8.0 · 1/1250s · ISO 720
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Wow! That is an amazing shot, such a scary wave too!

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The water looks kinda like the Dutch masters used to paint it in their seascapes!

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Thanks man, I’m actually of Dutch ancestry myself! I’m going to have to get in touch with my roots and look at some of the Dutch masters work, any recommendations?

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Willem van de Velde the Younger is the Jimi Hendrix (another Dutch name!), Coltrane, Cartier-Bresson, or Ansel Adams of these, if you get my drift.

Check out "‘De Windstoot" for instance.

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thanks for the info!

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I'm Dutch myself too :) But I don't know many old masters, I just like to watch paintings in musea, and there are many of those here with large collections of many known, but also unknown painters.

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First-class shot thanks for sharing it here.

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Wow, nice shot.

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Fantastic! Great image, John, powerful and just plain beautiful. Love those greens. Well-deserved POTD.

BTW, it's not literally diffraction, is it? Looks like a wave reflected back off a steep beach break, and colliding with an incoming one. That causes these steep vertical explosions. No criticism intended - just curious.

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Thanks man! After researching it a little more in depth, I believe you are correct :) I like the title diffraction better than reflection tho!

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Amazing shot, powerful and beautiful at the same time!

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Thank you, I really appreciate it!

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Amazing capture