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Ella Beauty


Model: Ella T of Nocturnal Agency http://www.nocturnalagency.com

Me and Ella go a while back as we used to hang around with the same people. That is also how we got to know eachother, while i was working as a nightlife photosgrapher. This was the first time we did a shoot together. Actually we were supposed to shoot some clothing for a brand called "Cuts n Stitches" but we figured we had time to shoot some beauty before that.

The setup is pretty simple.
Main light is a Mola Setti on a boomstand right in front of and a little above the model.
The background is an Elinchrom junior octa 135cm that also works as a kicker and that's it! =)

Shot this on a Canon 5DmkII with their 100mm F2.8 macro at f13.

Canon 5DmkII
100 · f/13 · 1/125 · ISO 100
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wow, great look!!

Thank you! =)

Great work Linus...she looks beautiful.

Thx mate!! =) appreciate it =)

When you say the octa was background are you meaning that what is behind her is the face of that octa-bank? I guess 135cm is pretty large when you're in that close on the face.

Yes exactly!! =) im using the octa as a background and at the same time it gives kicker light as well, she's basically in the dead center of the octa

That's great!! Awesome use! Thanks!