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My signature Ring-shot

This is my favorite of what have become my Signature Wedding ring-shot that i do on all weddings unless there's absolutely no time for it..

It all started with me fooling around at home one night with me and my fiancées engagement rings hugely inspired to try splash-photography after watching some clips of Alex Koloskov. So i made this contraption with a plastic bottle with a small hole in the bottom hanging from a boom dripping water down on the rings somewhat continuously, trying to capture the splash on the rings.
I used two speed lights, one quite close and another from the back (the back one gelled purple) both at low power for short flash duration.

What i found out was that with macro-shots such as these when shooting with a short DoF, 100mm at around F2.8 you can do so much with so little, you can build your own small world using such simple things as pieces of glass, rocks, or whatever and use reflective glittery stuff to create bokeh-circles in the background.

When i do these at weddings however i usually have someone just holding a plastic bottle with water over the rings and dripping/poring it on them while i shoot. I have even poured the water myself a couple of times while taking the shots.

I hope this inspires you to get out there and experiment with different stuff and get creative. And if you do, please message me on Facebook or here so i can check it out! =) ( www.fb.com/photobylinus )

Cheers people!! =)

Canon 5DmkII
100mm · f/3.5 · 1/160 · ISO 50
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Best ring picture I've ever seen.

Thanks a lot mate!! :) I've grown quite fond of them :)

Very different, great detail and lighting.

thank you! =)

Great shot! lots of depth to it!

weeee!! =) done! =)


Very creative!!!

Thank you for sharing your secret. This is definitely one of the coolest ring shots I've seen in a while. And I love it's simplicity.

I think it is brave and genius to find a "signature shot." I have clients ask me to recreate a shot from my port for them and I actually told them "no, I don't do the same shot twice." Can you believe that?!?! Arrogance and stupidity are truly dangerous bedfellows.

Excellent ! Congrats for the POTD !


That's great :)