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Tora F - Revisited

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Cheers ppl!!

I just got the Awesome news that Mola light blog wanted to do a feature with me and share some of the shots I've done with their Mola Setti beautydish. I'm so stoked!!!

So here's one of my favs that I re-retouched earlier today, since I almost got ashamed of my first retouch haha =)

Two light setup:
Mola Setti with both th PAD and OPAL installed on an Elinchrom style 600rx boomed right in front of and above the model.
Background and also acting as kicker is another Elinchrom strobe with the junior octa 135cm.

Model - Tora F
Makeup - Maria Mroxx www.Mroxx.se

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Linus...congrats..great news!! You're killin it man! Love your technique of just using the whole octa as the background kicker!

Thank you!!

Yeah it's pretty handy! Quick and easy to set up, and works wonders! =) I've used it like that many times!