Photo/retouch - Linus Pettersson, www.fb.com/photobylinus
Model - Tora Flink http://toraflink.se
Mua - Maria Mroxx , www.mroxx.se

This shoot was a collaboration between the MUA, Model and I, purely for fun to get these kinds of shots in our portfolios. We all had such a blast and did a couple different looks.
The model did an amazing job, nailing basically every frame giving me a hard time to choose which ones to edit. =)
It was also my first time working with Maria as a makeup artist, and she is a professional with crazy talent!

For me it's really important to do these kinds of shoots every once in a while to just play around and experiment. Having fun without the pressure you feel sometimes when shooting for a client is really giving you the freedom to try new things and be creative.

I guess what I'm trying to say is have fun!!
Fool around, try stuff, if it works, BAM!! If it doesn't, no biggie, just try something else.

2-light setup:
Main light is a Mola Softlights Mola Setti, white, no sock but with both PAD and OPAL installed on a boom right in front of and slightly above the model.
Shot against an Elinchrom Junior Octa (135cm)

Canon 5DmkII
85 · f/11 · 1/125 · ISO 100
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Linus add a description to this so I can make it PotD. I've always loved this image.

Thank you Rebecca!! done! =)

Hey Rebecca =) was this chosen, did i miss it? =)

I never saw your reply, but I see it now!!!

Still my all time favorite beauty shot!

Congrats for the POTD :P

Linus is the man!

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