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The Wild Boar

When last summer we were in Galicia and Asturias, shortly after taking the photo of the cave of Ermita de la Virxe do Porto (although without mounting or processing it) it occurred to me to follow the same approach on the beach of Gueirua, a panoramic of 3 rows to frame the entire beach and give it a more prehistoric touch, then when I processed it I saw that the cave was shaped like a wild boar.
A sunrise that I spent in this fantastic beach by myself watching how the light changed little by little. With this photo I would like to wish you all a good week!

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Impressive composition!

An impressive scene for sure! I'm still trying to wrap my head around it - is this a boar shaped cave or did you composite it that way in Photoshop?

It is not a composite, it is a small cave, to enlarge it I had to make an ultra panoramic and when I mounted it the Jabali shape appeared. :)

What's an 'ultra panoramic' ? And why is there incoherent lighting at the top arch of the cave? Also, why are there clone marks all around the arching elements, and the top of the cave has the same to 2 stones next to each other?

The place is called Playa de Gueirua, in Asturias, Spain. You can go there yourself in person and check that this small cave exists and it is not a composite, ok ?
I was going to show you a video with the 22 photos that make up the panoramic but then I thought it was better not to waste time.

I've changed my mind, I'm going to waste my time.


I don't think you wasted your time in posting the video link as it goes a long way to explain your process. I genuinely appreciate seeing it, so thank you for sharing. I realise now that what I thought were clone marks must be repetitions of small elements and detail within the stone that I'm assuming occurs due to stitching the individual images together. As such, I'm happy to admit that I stand corrected. Thank and all the best, Steve.

Thank you very much Steve, yes, nowadays panoramic software is not perfect, but it still allows you to do very advanced things. Thank you very much for your comment, I really appreciate it.

Esos click al final del video jajajaj!!! Excelente tu trabajo Daniel!! Saludos desde Chile!!

Excellent picture. As a beginner, may I ask you which lens and especially panorama head you were using? Is there as special technique to achieve such an excellent result?

Hi, I simply used a Laowa 12mm and a nodal rail mounted on a normal ball head

outstanding shot my friend super scene