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Doctors With Borders

This image consists of two superimposed photos. The background is from the Zaha Hadid building in downtown Miami. I loved the photo on its own but felt like it needed another focal point. The doctors’ photos was taken across from Mercy Hospital in downtown Miami. The doctors had walked across the street to take a break on the water. I named it Doctors With Borders because it represented a dichotomy in my own head. When I think of the renowned Doctors Without Borders, I think of doctors in third-world villages: places that are poor and surrounded by nature, huts, and other organic elements. These doctors are surrounded by concrete, large skyscrapers, money and a body of water full of yachts. The unknown “hole” that forms a border around the doctors seemed a natural fit for an unnatural scene. Both photos were taken in mid-afternoon on a sunny day with an iPhone 11Pro.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
6mm · f/2.0 · 1/1043s · ISO 20
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