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The Green Rocket | Sierra Nevada, Colombia

Dark profile of a Carmelita's Rain Frog (Pristimantis carmelitae), endemic specie of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta in Colombia

Canon 5DSR
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Tiago Marques's picture

I love the dark mood! Great work mate!

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Thanks Tiago ! :)

Dylan Miller's picture

This one's a lot of fun! A lot of tension in this one, and it's a bit different than your others. I just want to open it in photo shop though, and get rid of the reflection on his eye or soften it up.

Thomas Andlauer's picture

Thank you Dylan for your constructive comment ! Untill now, I have not been bothered about catch lights in the eyes. It gives some life, but I see what you mean and will think about it. I may change my mind for my future work ;)

Chris Jablonski's picture

Beautiful, Thomas! Perfect as is, the reflection in the eye adding to the image, if anything, for me. To use a crude analogy, the image could be taken look a bit like a patinated bronze sculpture with an amber eye, and part of amber's appeal is its lustre. In this case the materials would complement each other by their contrast.

I say crude analogy, because this is the real thing, not a sculpture. Well done!

Thomas Andlauer's picture

Thank you Chris ! You're totally right, this lateral profile looks like a statue or sculpture 馃槃.The dark green skin helps to give this feeling.

Carl Kruse's picture

Excellent every way. Well done!

Thomas Andlauer's picture

Thank you Carl !!! :)

adam hoar's picture

I love frogs, their innocent faces, the more innocent looking the more deadly. this one is perfect

Thomas Andlauer's picture

Thank you Adam !

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