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Well-earned Rest | Chocó rainforest, Colombia

Fascinating Smooth Helmeted Iguana (Corytophanes cristatus) resting on a branch inside the vegetation. I wanted to create cinematic mood, and I like the result.

100mm macro
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Hanaa Turkistani's picture

fabulous Thomas ! and brilliant tone depth !

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Thank you so much Hanaa !!!

Aaron Duke's picture

Beautiful work!

Thomas Andlauer's picture

Thank you Aaron !

Teemu Andreas's picture

Great image!

adam hoar's picture

wow, its like hes posing saying come on take the pic... love the colors

Thomas Andlauer's picture

Thanks Adam !

Gregory Schmitt's picture

i can see it as a dinosaur. Great image

Thomas Andlauer's picture

Kind of a tiny dinosaur :). Thanks !

Deleted Account's picture

Super cool!

Ray Sheffer's picture

great photo.

Michelle VanTine's picture

The editing is SUPERBE

Thomas Andlauer's picture

Thanks a lot Michelle !

Peter Vlutters's picture

well caught…. That lighting those colours and the play with sharpness Well done 👌👍

Thomas Andlauer's picture

Thank you Peter ! :}

Frank Kinser's picture

Like a song that rises in the charts to become regarded as a really good song, this photo is unique and good. Great work!

Liza Rock's picture

This is really spectacular! The mood, depth, colors and lighting!