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Busted | Amazon rainforest, Ecuador

Awesome White-Lined Monkey Frog (Phyllomedusa vaillantii) on a leaf, spoted by the patrol. These monkey frogs are awesome, their name comes from the fact they move more by walking than jumping (although they are very good at jumping too !). They are quite slow which makes them easier to photograph. The downside is that they use to live high in the trees, and go down occasionally.

100mm · f/16 · 1/10s · ISO 200
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I love the composition! You did a very good job with the composition, you didn't bother to photograph just the frog, instead you framed the leaf perfectly. Excellent job!

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Thanks again Tiago !

Luis Cajete's picture

Good work, i love the composition mate.

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Muchas gracias Luis !

Kerry Roberts's picture

Beautiful? Did you use a torch (flashlight) for lighting?

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Yes, Kerry, I used some flash for the above part, and torches under the leaf

Normunds Bartkevics's picture

Wow 100 mm. Looks like photo taking with micro lens.

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Indeed, was 100mm :-). But the leaf is quite big

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