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Rolled up Perch | The Llanos, Colombia

Small frog (Dendrosophus mathiassoni) perched on a dry and twisted bark. With this picture, despite the fact the frog is not incredible and colorful, I still wanted to create something beautiful using composition, and background (with the help of my Photoshop skills) to emphasize the subject, and trying some kind of monochromatic (or analogous) color theme.

Canon 5DSR
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Beautiful job, Thomas! You've succeeded admirably.

I'm not a great fan of macro critter images in general, but some people, yourself included, make these images into art. Art that makes me appreciate our fellow species, their specialness and beauty. Keep it up!

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Such a big thank for you Chris ! I love your comment, and it means a lot to me, as my goal was indeed to make usually not so popular critters a bit less scary 馃檪

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They're still scary! ;-)

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Damn !!! :-D