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Nights in the Desert

From my series of Landscapes under the Milky Way

The nights spent in the wilderness can bring you many unique experiences. I scheduled this trip at the end of our tour in Morocco, so I could call it the icing on the cake. All the other ingredients such as walking on camels through the desert, the sunset photographed in strong gusts of wind blowing the sand, the traditional food or the songs around the campfire only spiced up the experience little by little.
So after a beautiful evening in the company of the Bedouin people, I turned off the light and went out to take pictures. As I was walking through the dunes, at one point I heard something was chewing followed by a sigh. For a moment, of course, I was stuck but I immediately realized where the sound was coming from. I was next to the group of camels who were charging their batteries on fast-charge mode (since the night is quite short) and so that then they will be ready for the desert tour from the next morning. And they were also ready for their group picture under the Milky Way.

Sahara, Morocco, Earth

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An image that harkens back to another time. Really well done.

Thank you so much!