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Alsace Christmas

Visiting the Christmas markets is becoming a classic in December getaways and Colmar is the epicenter of this pilgrimage during the pre-Christmas dates.
The inhabitants of the Alsace area go to great lengths to decorate their houses and streets with Christmas motifs, which attracts a huge number of tourists who want to enjoy this spectacle of Christmas lights, decorations, sweets and typical drinks.
Although it sounds like an idyllic visit to enjoy a Christmas atmosphere, it turns into a crowd of people who can only get carried away by the mass of people who circulate in the same direction... wonderful for someone like me who can't stand more than ten minutes inside a bar with loud music and full of people.
Even so, it was not a bad trip, in very good company and doing something different from what I had done that year, not many photos but lots of laughs.
And with this and this photo I simply wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS

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