The Frame

Cappadocia is known for these pointy rock formations popularly known as the
"Fairy Chimneys". The fairy chimney is a product of its many diverse environments, a geological miracle, millions of years in the making. However, within a relative blink in time, humans transformed that miracle into a home, burrowing into the magic and making it their own.

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Hi Sandeep, What an intriguing image! But what are the shapes? I would love to hear the story behind this excellent photo. Bob Henderson

Hello Robert ! Thanks for the kind words. I have updated the description of the photo. Happy reading… 😊

Thanks! I knew there was a great story behind the image! When I looked it up on Wikipedia, I was surprised at how large some of the chimneys are, as well as the size of the homes and churches many contain. Once again, great image! Bob :-)

Bob I was completely blown away with this amaziing landscape. Its an alien world and to think humans had the enguinity so many years ago to burrow inside these chimneys for warmth and survival. Many thanks for your encouraging words !