My first vist to The Grand Canyon of Odisha, a state in the Eastern part of India last year in November introduced me to a completely new - off the map dark sky location. Locally known as the Balishankara Kanakund is a stone river bed on the River Ib - it had amazing rock formations.

We had gone for a possible sunset shoot, but we quickly realised that if the skies cleared up, there was a good chance of getting a MW scape as we were under a bortle 2 sky. We used Photopills to line up our compositions and the time of MW visibility. In the end although the window for the MW was short (1832 to 1853 hours), the element of fun of capturing the MW when you least expect it, is always a high.

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This is great! Really well done. Congrats on a great shot!

Thanks Kyle !

Wow! Very beautiful