The Two Gems

Two iconic gems from East Java - the spectacular Tumpak Sewu waterfall and the majestic Mt Sumeru, with a colourful start to the day ...

The Tumpak Sewu waterfall is a spectacular sight, with its multiple tiers cascading down a steep cliff. However, capturing the perfect photograph of this natural wonder is no easy task. One of the main challenges is the mist generated by the waterfall, which can obscure the view and make it difficult to focus.

Moreover, the lighting conditions can be tricky, especially if the sun is high in the sky.

Another challenge for photographers is the sheer scale of the waterfall. It can be challenging to capture its vastness within a single frame, and it may be necessary to use panoramic shots to convey the grandeur of the site as l’ve done by shooting a vertical panorama or vertorama.

The best view in my humble opinion is the one that can only be captured by a drone.

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really nice pic

Love it!