Tanja as a celestial goddess on exactly 1kg of cotton wool that we piled up around 1 cardbord box and the apple box she's sitting on. Add a digital backdrop in the mix and... voilà. Pure gorgeousness.

On a more serious note: Tanja went through a remarkable physical transformation and the portrait session meant to celebrate and honour that.

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Cloud nine!

Hey Hajnalka ,

I write on Medium.
We use unsplash and pexel for cover photos.

I adored your shots, can I use them? Medium requires us to credit the photographer. Doing so will let people who read my article see your work.

Would love to let more people know about your works though my blogs articles.

Please let me know. Waiting for your reply.

Hey Yahan,

Than you for reaching out!

Please contact me via email. I want to know what exactly are you planning to write, where exactly, and how you wish to use my images. Exposure on potentially irrelevant pages is not necessarily something I'm looking for.

Looking forward to hearing more about your blog project.

Thank you!