Hajnalka Berényi-Kiss's picture

Portrait in White

A personal portrait combining references to the Elizabethan era with 17th-century Dutch aesthetics. The colour palette and the prominent positioning of the pearls refer to purity, perfection, and incorruptibility.

We had planned Fenella's portrait session for about two months, I sourced furniture, decorations, and a dozen different prompts to have enough options for building the set and the atmosphere of the series with her. Spent an endless amount of time refining the concept, fitting the pieces together for the perfect frame and I cannot be happier with the result – this is everything, it is art, I’m in love with the small details and overjoyed to have been able to create it with like-minded female artists.

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Beautiful job, Hajnalka! I think you've achieved your aim perfectly. The result is very painterly, partly as a result of your attention to details of the props and particularly the posing.

I think I'd have taken it for an authentic Dutch Golden Century painting unless I looked closely enough to see photographic-level detail.

At least Fenella herself doesn't look three or four centuries old! No doubt she's as pleased as you. Well done! 5 stars from me, perhaps my first such ranking. Easily POTD material.

Thank you ever so much, Chris. I really appreciate your kind words!

Amazing effort with Excellent results!

Thank so much, Hank!