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They say that Tolkien was inspired by the Tongariro National Park to recreate what we all know today as Mordor. This one is in New Zealand, close to where I took this photo, at least closer than from Spain.
When we visited the Ijen crater area last November, and I flew the drone to take some photos and see what we could find, at that moment, I thought that Mordor was really there. The Indonesian landscape can be simply spectacular, apart from the bucolic image that most have of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and waterfalls where you can bathe alone (forget about this last one, it's all full of pseudo-influencers).
The day before we had tried to take some photos at sunset, and yes, we did take some, and we also got quite wet from the storm and the frizzy hair of our girls, like in the 80s, they only lacked the leather jacket; but dawn was more grateful, considering that we had only had time to sleep for two or three hours.
So without further ado, here is an aerial shot of one of the best-known craters on the island of Java, Ijen.

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