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These breathtaking Japanese maple branches were suspended silently in front of a gentle cascade, the morning dew dripping from the crimson leaves into the water below.

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That shade of crimson, not red, looks stunning in front of the waterfall's, black and white background. The maple leaves jump out and grabs a person's eye and attention.
Great composition.

If there is an entire lesson from one image. This image has so much to see and learn.

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for the thoughtful comments, Bob! Very much appreciated.


Thank you, Anton!

Really great image.. Is this a composite? Did the waterfall naturally appear black and white in a single image with the leaves? Selective color removal? I am just curious about how you created the image.

Hi Charles, thank you for your questions. The image is not a composite; I focus stacked the leaves to get them sharp, and the depth of field naturally rendered the background cascade slightly out of focus. I chose to leave it that way as not to detract from the leaves as the main subject. The rocks behind the water were very dark with no vegetation, so although it may appear B&W or selectively removed color, it is not. Hope that helps!

A beautiful image. Makes me feel like I'm in Japan, even if it wasn't taken in Japan. I love these trees, and the color is fantastic, especially against the black and white background.

Many thanks, Matt! I would love to visit Japan someday!

very good !

Thanks so much, Luca!