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The Trump

Trump tower in Downtown Chicago, Illinois USA

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Simple is best.

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Wow Dennis. This is how to leave a personal signature in a photo.

I wish someday, I will learn to post process architecture like this.
May I ask, how long did it take to most process?

I assume it involves a lot of selection and gradient masking. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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Thank you, Shyama! Yes, it involves layers, masking, selection, and dodge and burns. I don't track my combined hours but I do my processing in between house chores ;)

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Hate The Trump, love your photo ;)

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Excelente imagen

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wonderful shot my friend

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That roundish structure in the foreground is very distracting. Was it not possible to get a good composition from the other side of it?

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Great work as always Dennis

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What camera and lens did you use to shoot this?

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Excellent capture Go Trump : )

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Great shot!