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Miss Kat Paine

A portrait of a stunning and very talented tattoo artist Kat Paine from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I took this a few months back while I was in the process of changing all my gear. I was switching over to Nikon from Canon, mostly for the improved dynamic range. I couldn't quite afford the setup I wanted at the time so I got a D5300 just to tide me over for a few months. I couldn't get over the quality from what was pretty much an entry level DSLR. I like checking back on this shoot every so often just to remind myself that its really not all about the gear we use, its what we do with it that matters. Working with great people tends to help too.

24mm · f/6.3 · 1/80s · ISO 125
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I love girls with tattoos. They look so interesting. This is a very nice example.

Very cool mood and color scheme

Interesting shot. Nice background, expression of model and light

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