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Miss Ballsy Wallsy

This is one of my favourite models to work with, the lovely Ballsy Wallsy (what....thats her name). This was a fairly spur of the moment shoot, taken in a nice garden area behind my apartment.

It was one of my first shoots with the D750 and safe to say I fell in love with it.

70mm · f/3.2 · 1/500s · ISO 80
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Beautiful image. Your craftsmanship is evident in all you images, as well as a unique style.

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Thanks Mike, very much appreciated.

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oh !
this is one of my favourite images, i don't know where i've seen it before, but i guess i saw it on 500px or something (or maybe here), really really like the colors and mood, great job

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Really love this image. Her stare is so captivating.

Technical side question: was this done with a gridded beauty dish from above camera left?

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Thanking you kindly. It was a 70cm beauty dish alright but I dont think I used the grid on this one. I just kept the modifier nice and close so there wasn't too much light spill.

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Thanks Dave.

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Wow, love the colors.