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Eefa and Adam

I must admit the idea of shooting a couples portrait wouldn't normally appeal to me. They can look a bit on the cheesey side and just not really my thing. So I was a bit reluctant when organising a shoot with Eefa, a stunning model from Dublin, when she suggested her boyfriend jumps in for a few shots.

Thankfully she didnt want to do the whole "staring lovingly into each others eyes" thing and instead we shot a moody dark portrait that looks like it could be a promo shot for some cool new band.

Definitely a nice reminder to myself to keep an open mind with shoot ideas. I'm delighted with how it turned out so just wanted to share it.

35mm · f/6.3 · 1/250s · ISO 100
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I absolutely love this. fantastic work my friend. :) 5* Bro

Thanks Denis, thats very much appreciated.

Good job

Thanks Tony.

The whole mood of this image is wonderful!

Cheers Greg, much appreciated.

How did you light this shot?

Hi Yannig, it was a one light setup for this shot. It was a speedlight into a 120cm octobox which was mounted in front of them on a boom stand. The light was just barely above the frame of the shot and pointed almost directly down for dramatic effect (tilted back towards them just a bit so their eyes didn't get too lost in shadows).

Superb shot. Great colours. Nice use of the worn out sofa :) How much editing was done ?