Own the road... Figuratively. by Roland Tomlinson
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Own the road... Figuratively.

October 30, 2015

The idea with this image was to capture something non-representational, but still recognizable, by making use of negative space to create the outline of the car body.

To light the car, we set the exposure to 5s and walked a custom LED light rig along the car body. The light rig was raised above the car and tilted down to highlight all its beautiful lines and curves, as well as to cut out any undesirable glare on the windows and body itself. We had to do multiple shots in order to effectively expose the entire length of the body.

Finally, we blended and composited the different images together in Photoshop, then did some dodging and burning to make the highlights pop a little more, and some basic color grading.

The motion blur on the window and on the wheel was done with Photoshop's built-in Blur Gallery (a surprisingly powerful tool), and the anamorphic-like lens flare was created using a soft brush.

50mm · f/4.5 · 5s · ISO 100
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