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This bar fight isn't going to start itself...

There are very few absolute truths in the world, but we can all agree on some of them: fire is hot, water is wet, and brandy makes you aerodynamic when you fight. So I thought I'd pay tribute to this fact by shooting a spec ad for South Africa's most beloved brandy, Klipdrift...

This is one of the most complex images I've ever put together, as all of the elements were photographed separately and composited together. As an additional touch, the glass and tabletop were rendered in 3D and added into the final scene.

(Disclaimer: this is a SPEC AD done for creative & portfolio purposes and has no affiliation with Klipdrift, Distell Group Limited, or any related brand or advertising firm. As always, please don't sue us.)

Canon 7D
50mm · f/4.0 · 1/160s · ISO 250
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