Beer. Because fish make love in water... by Roland Tomlinson
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Beer. Because fish make love in water...

November 13, 2015

South Africa's currently experiencing its worst drought in almost 30 years, so I was inspired to create an image that made the viewer feel cool & refreshed just by looking at it.

I am by no means a 3D Artist, so putting together this image was an immense learning curve for me, as I had to give myself basic crash courses in 3D modeling, texturing, and fluid & particle simulations. After about a week of trial and error, I finally got an end result that I was happy with.

I then took the final render into Photoshop, and applied some additional water droplets on the surface of the bottle, in order to sell the realism. Some quick dodging & burning, sharpening, and color grading gave the image that extra "pop" that it needed.

Hope you like it, and I welcome any constructive criticism!

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