Fantastic Tips to Stop Feeling Shy Taking Photographs in Public

Ok, so we can't take photographs in public at the moment. But after lockdown ends, the opportunity to go out and photograph will be overwhelmingly exciting! But what if you find yourself feeling shy taking photographs in public? Pierre T. Lambert has 5 great tips on how to overcome this fear — well worth a watch!

Feeling nervous about taking photographs in public can really hold your photography back. I personally can remember at least a year or so of photographing "interesting details" on walls and pavements because I just didn't quite have the guts to photograph the people and scenes all around me. I wish I'd stopped to think about that at the time, and especially about how to overcome that fear! 

One of Pierre's tips is to keep the shot in mind — focus on what you're trying to photograph, and not the people who are all around you. This is so true and applies to a lot more than photography. By not worrying about what people think, you can get on with achieving your goal. Get the shot! 

I also really love his suggestion of creating your own soundtrack — plug your headphones in to create your own environment. Choosing happy, upbeat songs will keep your energy up, and give you the bounce in your step you might need if taking photographs in public makes you nervous. 

I'd love to know if these tips help! 

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Please respect our time and get to the point. Two minutes of talking about generic things and repeating the same things over and over before saying "tip number 1...". To be honest (you do not have to agree with my opinion), the tips are not that helpful. Reasons being: they contradict each other; they may put people in danger (listening to music using earphones and trying to shoot you may not be fully aware of what is going on around of you, especially considering traffic); "no one cares about you" - wrong. People see you taking photos of them. It is fine to be shy; many people are not comfortable taking photos of strangers on the street, and that it fine. 3 tips that do work: 1. Before you want to take photos of someone on the street, make sure you are safe. Your life is the first priority. Make sure you are not putting your life and equipment into danger before taking a shot. 2. Wait until people start getting busy (reading a book, talking, checking mobile phone) - this is the time when their attention is distracted, so you have less chance to be seen. 3. Sometimes if you want to shoot face to face, simply ask for permission.

It is a bit of a slow intro ;) I don't feel the tips are dangerous but everyone has their own comfort threshold, and it's definitely not worth making yourself feel uncomfortable! Totally agree that not everyone needs to feel comfortable with street photography - but the video's made for people who WANT to overcome feeling shy about it..