The Vancouver Riot Kissing Photograph

If there was a single iconic photograph that emerged over the last few weeks it was definitely the "Vancouver Riot Kiss". If you missed the story, riots broke out in Vancouver, BC after the local Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins 3-4. Photojournalist Richard Lam was there that night in Vancouver and photographed a couple who appeared to be kissing in the midst of the riots. The couple in the photo, Alexandra Thomas and Scott Jones, were actually hurt and only appeared to be making out when the photo was taken. Today new video footage from the riots has surfaced, and you can clearly see how the whole thing unfolded. Obviously the big question being asked is "were Thomas and Jones part of the protests or just innocent bystanders?" You can read more about this story at the Vancouver Sun, and click the thumbnail image to see the full res photo.

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Mike Folden's picture

That changes the whole picture! I was wondering how the hell this all unfolded though.

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Yeah I don't think it takes away from the photograph at all but it is interesting to see how it happened real time. I know this sort of thing isn't as exciting as a big production photoshoot but a lot of photographers aspire to be photo journalists and war photographers....this seems a bit more up their alley

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I think this stuff is great. I love the diversity!

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I think everything in photography is about perception. Richard Lam has successfully told a story which is totally different with what happened in the facts. He made dream thousands of people before the truth was spread on the net.
Isn't that a great performance? :)

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Let's take this to another level, and have a couple pose in this fashion as we take pictures of them in the most unusual of situations, like at a grocery store, a basketball game, or even at church, it's kind of like planking but not as dumb.

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This really makes you wonder.
What happend 10 seconds before and after every great photograph in history?
Did the nurse groinkick the sailor after the kiss on V-J-day for example?

Do you remember the iconic image from the Vietnam war with one man holding a revolver to a crying man's head?  you don't want to see that video for 10 seconds after that image was taken............I saw it.

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 You mean Eddie Adams's Execution of a Viet Cong Guerrilla?

ya, I think that's what it was.  Cheers Mr. Nilsen

This was a lot less romantic.  Just saying....  :-)

This video can be incriminating...I don't know why that one cop popped her in the head 2x with the shield...??? shows how photography can be tricky...

ya, it's just like the still image...........maybe she threw something at the cops 2 seconds before the film was rolling.  We don't know, we weren't there.  I hope all of the people weren't hurt too badly

Good thing it wasn't the Leafs

Richard Lam spoken to students in university of media arts in vancouver, I saw this pic and many others, what i can say....he is not a good photographer but 1 shot and Getty Images made him successful...